Friday, February 21, 2014

THE BENEFITS OF PERMANENT PLACEMENTS | Adolphus Group * Recruitment Consultants

The recruiting process does not simply begin with interviews and end with job offers.The most important method for insuring quality of permanent placements is having access to an extensive pool of talented candidates and actively recruiting excellent personnel using a tailored talent management system that responds to the employer's requirements.
The Adolphus Group makes hiring simple, fast and effective. We can cut your recruitment horizon from weeks to days, give you access to the very best candidates available, increase retention and protect your hiring investment for up to five full years.

How we help you benefit from Permanent Placements
- Improvement of the quality of hires and presented candidates
- Brings new ideas / talent into the organisation
- Helps organisation get required competencies
- Increase in speed of hire
- Reduction of recruiting costs
- May reduce training costs (experienced hired or training provided)
- Creation of a larger talent pool for future recruitment
- Improvement of tracking, reporting and auditing the recruitment function
- Increased Hiring Manager Satisfaction 
- Enhanced Employment Brand

The Adolphus Group modular and highly customizable services have been designed to make a variety of sensible and cost-effective staffing strategies readily available to our clients. 
By tailoring our programs to meet the individual staffing needs of each client, we nurture long-term partnerships built upon years of Human Resources and quality services.

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