Tuesday, June 19, 2012

STAFFING SOLUTIONS | London Big Year 2012

The Olympics are closing in and it's that time where companies have to hatch their plan of action as to how many extra support staff they are going to require on standby for the big event. 

The bookings have been made. The confirmations are in. 
The fees are paid. The next step is to ensure that your service and the experience your guest enjoy is second to none. 

This is where the ADOLPHUS GROUP can assist you.

We are recruiting experienced candidates for the big event. The earlier we speak to you the better service we can deliver. We have kitchen porters, luggage porters, waiters/ess, hostesses, bar-men, chefs, front of house, receptionists, room service attendants and a lot more available should you require the support. 

We are committed to your success, email us or call to speak to one of our consultants for further information. 


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