Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WHY WORK WITH ADOLPHUS GROUP | Key Points that make the Difference

30-Minute-Response: When you request a temporary placement, our staffing professionals will call you within 30 minutes to confirm that your job order has been filled or provide you with a progress report.

24-Hour Contact: Our on-call service guarantees that our staffing managers are always ready to respond to any after-hours staffing situation that may develop.

Managed Services: A complete, single point of contact for all your contingent workforce management needs. Your entire process, from recruiting your temporary workforce to coordinating your staffing pool, is implemented on-site or off-site coordinators, management reports, pay rate management and consolidated billing

Strict, internationally recognized guidelines of quality and process development. At Adolphus Group we use an approved business model which maintains a consistent, repeatable process for the engagement and management of temporary workers.

Innovative force in the recruitment industry. We specialize in tailoring our staffing services to fit the specific needs of our clients. In developing new approaches to serving our clients.

Highly detailed screening process customized to find exactly the right match for your job request. Each candidate sent on an assignment has scored competently in all required skills tests designed to measure the abilities needed to succeed within the functions of each job.
This systematic approach helps to ensure that each candidate can effectively perform the job required. The candidates who perform well on the  assessment test always performs well on the job.

Represent thousands of available candidates and maintains an automated database for the instant retrieval of applicants information by our staffing and account managers.
By actively maintaining and expanding our candidate base, Adolphus Group reserves a pool of qualified, skilled individuals who are ready to work.

We are committed to your success, email us or call to speak to one of our consultants for further information.
E. * T. 020 7316 1828


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